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Financial Industries such as: Banks, Insurance, Brokerage $ Investment houses, Credit Unions, Card and Payment entities.
Hospitality & the Hotel Industry: ensure standards such as how to prepare a room, how to set a table, or ensuring Health and Safety standards.
Technology companies such as: Application providers, ISP, Systems Administrators, Call Centres, Hardware designers and manufacturers, VARs, Managed Services providers and Systems and Business integrators.
Network providers: trouble shooting and support functions, FAQs.
Healthy diets. What to eat and what to avoid depending on your body type and your genetic predispositions.
Pharmaceutical industry: educate about the effects of each drug, good and bad side effects. Who should or should not take it.
Governments: Auditing, collections, economics, monitoring, compliance, regulating, educating, security, community planning, maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, electricity, petrol, gas, water, airports, shipping ports.
Governments and private schools: Building Academic education for High Schools & Universities and ensuring that the curriculum is aligned.
Vocational schools where dexterity and use of tools are involved.
Professional schools and associations: Engineering, Medicine, Law, Accounting, etc.
Builders and home improvement self help users. How to build a deck, install hard wood flooring, etc.
Sports industry: Golf, Tennis, Boating, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, etc.
Physical training: Your own personal trainer at your finger tips.
Hobby industry: Simulating flight training, scuba diving, mountain climbing, sky diving, cooking, wine making etc.
Any organization that has over 50 employees and wishes to ensure quality as brand. For companies with over 500+ HIPNET's eZeeLearning tools are paramount.
Distance mentoring.



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