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IN TODAY'S GLOBAL ECONOMY, the only sustainable competitive advantage will be to continually delight your customers by satisfying their ever-changing needs, taking them and you to new heights. This will only be achieved by fostering and harnessing the intellectual capital of your most valuable resource, YOUR PEOPLE.

HIPNET is a consulting company offering unique insight into building a fully integrated solution to continually serve and delight your customers, particularly in the Financial, Insurance, Health Care, Hospitality, Education and Merchandising Industries.


Honesty ...For us it means our clients only pay for real value.

Innovation ... We deliver beyond those things that you have dreamed of.

Partnerships ... Ours is not an arms length relationship, we work for your success first and foremost.

Network advantage... We do not carry high price experts we feel obliged to use. You get the experts you need, when you need them and only then.

Expertise ... We stay up-to-date in high tech and management techniques so you do not need to.

Total ... When you add up what we have to offer, you will want to meet with us.


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