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» Who Should be interested?

Any business that is committed to building a "learning culture" for staff.
Businesses whose strategy is to demystify common tasks by simply providing a "HOW TO" animated solution by utilizing eZeeLearning, eMentor tool.
Technology companies who need to train their clients to become proficient with the use of their products and services.
Professional training where one on one mentored training can be conducted effectively and efficiently. Would you not like to bring the expert to you and your staff immediately?
Schools and Learning Institutions: HIPNET's objective is to achieve over time one global standard for secondary and tertiary education so that students in the first and second quartile from any country, especially developing countries, are recognized and accepted by the best universities around the world.
Secondary schools where the curriculum can be aligned to ensure the best universities around the world will recognize and accept the standards of that high school.
Tertiary education can be standardized so that undergrad degrees are recognized globally.

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