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» Establishing an Ayurvedic Spa Clinic

Just picture the ideal natural ambiance to establish a world class Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, supported by natures Mineral Spa, Yoga & Meditation Centre and a unique nature treatment facility to sooth the soul. It is as if the natural setting of your property were simply waiting throughout the centuries for just such an establishment to be envisaged and resurrected.

HIPNET will provide a turn key solution to operating an Ayurveda Spa Clinic for your business as 'the' differentiator from standard operating 'beauty' spa clinics today - for transformation of body, mind & spirit using techniques and oils, and ancient alternative methodology.

HIPNET will specifically provide the following essential elements:

Source authentic, qualified doctors, assistants and masseurs, the oils, equipment, tools, chef (special foods) and deliver these professionals to your facility
Provide schematics for the layout of the various rooms required to carry out the treatments
Absorb the expenses of bringing all personnel, equipment, tools and material into the spa. This includes return airfare, freight, insurance and ground transportation
Ensure the ambience and esthetics are conducive to an Ayurvedic Spa
Ensure quality of materials and treatments
Ensure hygienic conditions
Implement a turn key spa including business plan
Consult in the building of a web page for each customer under the portal of the Spa Clinic to promote brand awareness and allow each customer to track their progress. This may encourage return visits for an annual "Top up" treatment
Have a knowledge room where customers who are interested may learn more about the lifestyle changes required for healthier living
Design and set up a kitchen to provide Ayurvedic food that will promote the detoxification of chemicals ingested. (Optional)


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