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» Curriculum Vita & Bios

  Herbert I. Phillipps, Jr.
B. Comm, MBA, CMA,

e-mail: herb@hip-net.com,
(416) 562-7229

Career Objectives
Consulting opportunities to apply my action oriented innovative and transformational skills. Especially interested in opportunities where I can inspire people to excel beyond their expectations and to leave lasting accomplishments, ultimately benefiting customers as well as shareholders.

Personal Summary
Arrived in Canada in 1967 with a high school diploma. Started a family, launched a career and obtained an MBA by 1976. In 1988 was named a Vice President in one of Canada's most prestigious Banks.

Able to balance personal growth, career, family, social and spiritual interests.

Many have told me that I have the gifts of a high intelligence and energy, creativity, a sense of humour, confidence and exceptional ability to achieve results in complex, unstructured situations. I would describe my greatest attribute as being a "Pragmatic Visionary".

Career Summary
The first twenty years were spent in finance and audit positions of increasingly higher levels in Canada and the U.S. My success is attributed to the use of technology to provide knowledge, rather than information, to gain a competitive edge.

The next ten years I was a key player in the vortex of change of the late 80's and 90's; developing computer systems and complex models to facilitate rapid change. More importantly, was at the heart of change, playing a leading and doing role in ensuring that changes initiated provided meaningful benefits.

The years 1993, 1996 and 1997 were very significant; it included many of my most important career accomplishments, as well as the management and improvement of newly acquired departments and Companies. The most recent involved the creation of a subsidiary, InfoWise Inc., to provide back office functions for the mutual fund industry.

Career History
HIPNET Inc. 1997-Date

Clients include: AIC Ltd., Michael Lee-chin, NCB Jamaica, AIC T&T., Global bank of Commerce (Antigua), Fujitsu Jamaica Ltd.,

  CI Mutual Funds Inc. 1996-1997
Chief Information Officer, and President of InfoWise Inc.

Selected Accomplishments:

Created a subsidiary, (InfoWise), to provide electronic operational services for the Mutual Fund industry and became its President. Provided leadership in successfully accomplishing a major technology migration of platforms, database architecture, operating systems, hardware, applications, networks and security; completed within 5 months.

Formulated a web strategy and launched CI Mutual Funds on the Internet, where customers could obtain daily information such as prices, transactions and statements, anytime at their convenience.

Integrated the IVR and document image workflow applications, thus ensuring smoother execution.

  Royal Bank of Canada 1978-1996
Vice President Electronic ServiceWay & Strategic Solutions 1994-1996

Selected Accomplishments:

Launched the Royal as the first bank on the Internet in Jan. 1995.

Created and distributed an interactive Small Business product, "The Big Idea", designed to help entrepreneurs in becoming more effective in managing their operations and in dealing with banks.

Assisted with the design to secure credit card transactions over the open network of the Internet.

Managed the EDI strategy including a universal protocol for data transmission.

  VP Trust and Securities 1993-1994
Chief Operating Officer (RBC Trust)

Selected Accomplishments:

In 1993, the bank entrusted me with some of its most important projects. Through focused leadership, the Bank's Trust Division recorded its first profit since inception.

Developed a Strategic Case for the Trust and Securities Business, which helped changed the view within the bank that this business was not only profitable but necessary and strategic to the Bank's long term interest.

Led a project group that formulated a Valuation Model and Business Plan for Global Securities unique in banking, which served as the basis for Board decision to purchase Royal Trust: a $1.7 billion transaction. This model was also used to track the integration progress and measure performance.

Set up the wholly owned RBC Trust within one month, including provincial licensing and acted as its COO. Turned a planned loss of $3mm into a profit of $0.4mm, a $3.4mm turnaround.

Successfully implemented the securities processing system; the second most complex system in the bank, obtained an excellent audit report.

  Process Improvement 1992
Vice President

Selected Accomplishments:

Designed a methodology to identify productivity gaps between the various Head Office groups and what end customers would recognize and need. The review process involved some 8,000 staff from the Chairman down and had a potential $250-350mm in cost reduction.

  Information Technology Audit & Development 1988-1992
Vice President

Selected Accomplishments:

The Royal Bank became a leader in Information Technology Audit in North America.

Developed and introduced state of the art software, still ahead of its time, that would identify markets, financial, operational, credit and security risks inherent in the many processes across the bank's dynamic network, alert managers to the exposure, quantify its significance and recommend solutions. This could be adapted to any business environment.

  Comptroller/CFO, USA Network (New York) 1984-1988

Comptroller, Treasury & Money Markets (Toronto) 1980-1984

Senior Credit Analyst (Toronto) 1978-1980

Canadian Industries Limited 1976-1978

Assistant Manager, Financial Planning (Montreal/Toronto)

RCA Limited 1969-1975

Credit Analyst/Internal Auditor

Certified Management Accountant of Ontario (CMA) 1980
MBA, Finance Concordia University 1976
B. Comm. Sir George Williams University 1974
Double Major Accounting & Finance


Canadian Club, Past President and Director.
  Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Director and Member of the Executive Committee.
  EDI Council of Canada, Past Director.
  Certified Management Accountant, Ontario Chapter.
  Canadian Society of New York, Past Treasurer.
  EDP Auditors Association.
  Management Decision Laboratory, MBA Program, New York University, Director.
  Past member of an elite group of Leading North American technologically advanced companies (still maintain contacts).
  Volunteer work with various associations including social work with the Correctional System and Spiritual Guidance Counsel.

Human development, leadership, strategic planning, public speaking, traveling and cooking.


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